We are excite to announce our next youth worship event!


February 20-21, 2018



Koloseum – Nevsky avenue, 100, Sankt-Peterburg. Map

Special Guest Artists

from Russia, Belarus, USA!

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“It was a big blessing to see many young people from different churches and even denominations to get together at LIT worship nights just to praise His name alone!! I was watching young people on the back of auditorium and to my surprise even there there were no empty talks or glazing at what was happening… every one was simply worshiping”.
Angela Tkachenko / Steiger Worship.
“Lit” was a special moment for me. It’s always incredible when you praising Lord with so many people, even though you don’t know all of them.It felt like home, like a big family in front of our Great Father.
Zhenya / College Student
 «Особенное время для меня, проведённое в прославлении и молитве. Момент, кого ты остаёшься с Иисусом один на один, и Дух Святой касается твоего сердца. Тёплая дружелюбная атмосфера и приятное общение. Каждый раз я удивляюсь, насколько сильно мы объединяемся во Христе и как велика Его любовь к нам»
Olya / College Student